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13 Jan 2018
20% discount for returning volunteers

TMF 5344Children's Day, a national holiday in Thailand, is a major event with activities taking place all over the country. It is a celebration of children, and is akin to a massive birthday party for all the kids in Thailand. The event always occurs on the second Saturday of January (in 2013, this is January 12th).

However, not all children in Thailand benefit from this day - or any other day during the year - because of poverty, abuse, exploitation, or lack of opportunity.

The Mirror Foundation, whilst working every day to improve the lot of children from ethnic minorities in the region, run a big party for Children's Day, based at our foundation outside Chiang Rai. Each child gets to play a variety of games and activities (never less than a dozen), gets a free lunch, free drinks and ice cream, small prizes and snacks, and a main present at the end of the party.

We regularly host over 2,500 hilltribe youngsters, accompanied by parents, and mingling with staff, volunteers, interns, donors, local dignitaries, and media. It usually means we have 5,000 or more people on our 7 rai site (approx 2.5 acres). The foundation spends months organising the event, as many important aspects must be managed well in advance. We look for sponsorship for the food and drinks, donations of presents, helpers to run booths, and much more.

All of the organising, especially in the final week leading up to the day, takes a lot of manpower - teams of Mirror staff, volunteers (Thai and international), and our scholarship students, all help to prepare the presents, booths, food, and area. Without their help, it would never happen!

What we always struggle to find each year, is the funding to make this happen. Often we have to use money from our main budget to cover costs, despite all the donations and free help.

If you are in a position to donate, or could pass this message on - via Facebook, Twitter, email, or any other means, we would be very grateful.

Monetary donations can be made via the link on the left side of the home page, but if there are any other forms of donation or help, please contact us.

  • Non-monetary donations (preferably new) requested include: toys, books, clothing, blankets, stationery, educational games and activities, painting and art equipment.
  • Monetary donations would go towards: covering costs for food, fees to hire tents/chairs etc, bouncy castle and slide, wrapping for presents, etc.

Thank you



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