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13 Jan 2018
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Bon took Apa on November 20th, 2013 to his doctor's appointment. He is doing well. He is in very little pain and will not be able to eat starting today, November 21st, 2013.

Yesterday, November 20th, 2013, some of the Mirror volunteers and I went to go visit him at the hospital. We got in trouble because one of the volunteers wanted to take a picture with him since she will be leaving on Saturday. The nurse made me delete the pictures because it is against the law.

This Friday, November 22nd, 2013, Apa will be having surgery. When he first got into his accident, the doctors had removed part of his skull and stored it in his stomach, which allowed his skull to remain sterile and nourished. When he has his surgery, they will place that part of the skull back into his head. We have discontinued his English lessons for now, but when he is fully recovered, we will start again.

Apa is a 17 year old hilltribe youth from Jalae village. He was hit by a vehicle while riding his motorbike and suffered extensive injuries to his legs. He was unable to move for 2 months, due to his legs being crushed in the accident.

When Apa was injured his family was unable to communicate with the hospital doctors, or lawyers - they are Akha hilltribe and unable to speak Thai. The family also couldn't afford to drive Apa to all of his appointments at the hospital. Mirror Foundation assists Apa by translating and speaking to the doctors and lawyers, and providing transportation to and from the hospital. Mirror Foundation also sends volunteers twice a week to teach Apa English. Apa's family is grateful for the help from volunteers and staff at Mirror. Due to the combined help from everyone Apa has begun to walk with the assistance of crutches, something the villagers didn't believe would happen again.

Thank you Outdoor volunteers for building Apa a special bathroom facility, and thank you Indoor for teaching Apa English. Thank you everyone for your concern, your assistance, and your donations. The story is not over yet, as the case remains to be resolved, and Apa is still unable to walk freely, but the distance we have come since the day of the accident suggests that there is light at the end of the tunnel for Apa. 




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