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13 Jan 2018
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Nahae struggles to the forest to go to the toilet, as her home does not have these facilitiesOnce upon a time, a pretty young girl named Nahae was born with a terrible disability, making it impossible for her to move anywhere like the other kids. Her disability could have been treated with simple surgery when she was just a baby, but it was not possible for her. The thing is her family is stateless, which means the Thai government does not recognise them as citizens. The girl could not, and still cannot, receive any help from the state, or welfare, even though she was born and has always been living in Thailand. She is from the Lahu hilltribe.

Now, this little girl has grown into a 15-year old young lady. She still cannot walk, and most of her family is still stateless. This situation is getting very problematic because her family does not have a toilet in their house. She has to go into the forest by herself, every time she needs to go to the bathroom, even at night. It is really dangerous for her because she has to crawl there, and she is at risk of being assaulted. She is vulnerable because of her disability.

The Mirror Foundation will help Nahae in two ways - In the long-term, we will help her and her family to obtain Thai citizenship. The process is very long because her parents have to gain citizenship before she can apply for it. In the short-term, we want to build an adapted toilet in her family’s house. We need to raise 15,000 baht (approx. 500$) in order to build a sanitary facility with the help of our Outdoor volunteer team. We would like to collect the money as soon as possible so we can build the toilet before we finish our internship at The Mirror Foundation.

If you want to participate in enhancing Nahae’s quality of life, you can donate following this link: 

Thank you for your generosity, 

Gabrielle and Laura, volunteers at The Mirror Foundation



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