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13 Jan 2018
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AyeNaraporn2007I am in Chiang rai, I am frankly impressed with our international volunteers are doing and how much effort they put into the work and what they have achieved in Bangkok.

During a flood, many individuals’ volunteers who want to rush out and volunteer help but most of them are not qualified to be responders and eventually become a burden on those that are on site providing relief and assistance in some issues.

But, However, in November and December 2011. A team of our international individual volunteers, staff, and their friends headed to one of the most impacted area in the affected distribute restore and clean in the area and schools because many people busy with their own homes to clean.

The area that was selected was some of the hardest impacted.

When I spoke to volunteers, they said - “this was physically and emotionally the hardest thing they has done and in their mind this is what makes our program so special and they believe this effort of local commitment to make more than a numerous lives better” mission.
This is what made this so special.

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