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13 Jan 2018
20% discount for returning volunteers

bangkok floods2As many volunteers may come and go through the Mirror Foundation we do our best to keep the Volunteer Spirit alive. During my stay here the group has been unbelievably welcoming, fun loving and supportive of each other. It is an amazing experience to bond with so many people from all over the world. The contrast between countries, ages and personalities is sensational. Everyone has something great to offer.

As evenings can be quiet or mellow, we have elected an events coordinator put together a plethora of activities. We have recently had game night, quiz night, movie night, musical jam sessions and dance lessons. Everyone takes turns leading something they are good at or just enjoy. People may partake or sit out as they like. It is a great way to interact and learn about each other.



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MirrorChiangRai Oh! We're upgrading our booking system, to incorporate a channel manager... technology is double-edged sword! ;)
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