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13 Jan 2018
20% discount for returning volunteers

Ricky Patil 00004During our time volunteering in the Outdoor program at the Mirror Foundation, we experienced work that not only challenged us in a mental and physical capacity, but also gave us a greater appreciation for the tradition of the various Hill Tribe and mainstream Thai cultures that we encountered.  During our time volunteering around Chiang Rai, the outdoor volunteers gained a better understanding of the various seasonal climatic complications that affect the northern Thai community.  The volunteers, both the Japanese and English speaking groups, combined efforts to build a river dam that would last the heavy monsoons.

The home stay gave us an all together different experience in that volunteers created a more personal bond with the Hill Tribe members that we aided. During our stay in the village, we began building a house for a girl who had gotten pregnant early and had been abandoned to fend for a five year old daughter and a sick mother.  The house for which we were laying down the cement foundation would later belong to her.  Along with this personal backdrop, volunteers also gained a more holistic view of the discrimination that Hill Tribe people face in their day to day life.  The sheer difficulty of the work that we did in building the house almost symbolized the hardship that the Hill tribes life from being both persecuted and ostracized by the Thai government.  Over all, volunteering under the Outdoor program at the Mirror Foundation made volunteers gain character both through the difficult manual labor and from meeting such tough people throughout Thailand.

Most recently, we worked at a rice farm reinforcing the walls of the rice paddies. The edge of this particular farm runs along a river and suffers soil erosion every year when the rains come and the water level rises. The work was back breaking. The people here work with what they have. They’ve figured out the cheapest way to improve their situation. The job was filling hundreds of old bags with 40 kilos of sand and stacking them chest high along the river bank - a very short term, but effective solution for the time being. The family we helped worked harder than the volunteers and were apologizing for not giving us more food, showing how selfless these farmers are despite the rigors of their day.



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