Pickup information for intake days

Please note that this information is a guide only, to give you a general understanding of our pickup arrangements - We will send out specific details to arriving volunteers around 3 days before the start date. This is so that we have as much information from volunteers as possible - completing your form late delays this information.

If you have not yet completed our volunteer form - please login on our website and complete the form as soon as you can. Everything should be filled in, and documentation emailed or uploaded by the Thursday before your start date.

Chiang Rai Airport

Look for someone holding our sign at the DOMESTIC arrivals exit. We don't meet people at the international arrivals exit, so walk to the domestic arrivals gate (about 1 minute). 

Airport notes

We've had a couple of problems in the past, which you need to be aware of so that things run smoothly at the airport.
  1. Don't leave with the wrong person - twice now, a volunteer has left with staff from a different organisation - we're not sure who was more stupid, the volunteer for not checking before wandering off with a stranger, or the staff for not checking they have the correct person. We carry a sign with 'Welcome to The Mirror Foundation', or something similar with our name on it. Anything else, such as 'volunteers', please ignore, or at least check the name of the organisation. If you can't find us waiting for you at the arrival gate, sit at one of the seats nearby and wait - we will turn up.
    • Make sure the person picking you up knows your name before going off with anyone
  2. Tell our staff your name so they can check you off the list
  3. Don't go wandering off as soon as you exit the baggage area - find our staff, and if you need to go to the toilet, or change money, do it after we know you have arrived.
  4. Listen to the airport announcements - if you can't find us, then we will be trying to find you, and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.
  5. Call us - If, under exceptional circumstances, we can't find you, please call our office (053 737 616), and we can advise.

Other pickups/arrivals

  1. 11am: At our guesthouse in town (Baan Pordeedin)
  2. If you miss our pickup at the guesthouse - call us (guesthouse: 052 027 787 or office: 053 717 616), and we will advise what you need to do. You may have to get a taxi to our foundation (you must pay the fare).

n.b. If you are coming from Chiang Mai, by bus, then you will almost certainly not arrive at the bus station in time for an 11am pickup - unless you have prepaid for a ticket to leave Chiang Mai before 7am. We strongly suggest that you stay in Chiang Rai the night before pickup, to avoid problems.

If you name is not on the airport list above, then we will pick you up here, at Baan Pordeedin guesthouse, in Chiang Rai town.


If you are not flying in on the Monday, or are arriving by land, then we expect to be picking you up at our guesthouse (Baan Pordeedin), in town, at 11am on the Monday. It is up to you to be there on time - You are welcome to book a room, if available, but it is not mandatory.

If you cannot see either picture, turn on display images option in your browser.

Any time changes for pickup are advised by email - please check your email regularly for updates.

*our office contact: +66 (0) 53 737616 (Monday-Friday: 9 am – 4 pm)

If you have any questions or problems with the pickup arrangements above, let us know today.

We hope your trips here are/will be going well and safely. Stay safe when you arrive, have a good weekend, and see you next week!

The Ecotours Team


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volunteer web: thailandvolunteer.org

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