We are always looking for help with fundraising. Our projects cannot always support themselves, because of the nature of their work, so we have to secure funding through grants and donations to keep them afloat. You can help this effort by organising fundraising events at home (before you arrive or when you return home). It not only helps us financially, but it brings you closer emotionally to the programme you have joined. It also helps to show family and friends what you have signed up for, and in turn helps them to understand your motivations.

In the attached PDF file, is a template letter, hints on how to prepare, and fundraising ideas. This pack was put together by Amelia Cleary, one of our much loved ex-volunteers, and life long friend. It can be used as a manual, or just as a guide - feel free to develop your own ideas, or adapt Amelia's.

Download this file (Fundraising template.pdf)Fundraising Pack[ ]76 kB
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