The deposit should only be paid once an application has been approved and confirmed.

This page is only for volunteers applying independently - not through a volunteer agency, or as part of a group with a specific project. If you are in doubt, please email us at  to confirm.

The payment is a confirmation of your placement on our programme, subject to our prior agreement, and within the caveats set down below. The payment includes advance admin costs, transport, and food costs, with a surcharge to cover the PayPal fee. Balance of payment (total fee minus the deposit must be paid at least two weeks prior to arrival).

Please do not pay this fee if

  • you have not yet applied using our form
  • you have applied but not received a response from our staff
  • you have not been successful with your application
  • you have been asked to wait until further notice

Also, please note that this fee

  • is non-refundable, under any and all circumstances
  • is non-transferable



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