thaicitizenship 5The Thai Citizenship Project, works to gain citizenship for stateless people throughout Thailand. It concentrates its efforts in the Mae Yao subdistrict of Chiang Rai province, but also works with the Moken people in southern Thailand. Additionally, the project works on legal issues fighting for justice, equality, and human rights for those who have been ignored or unfairly dealt with by the authorities. Thousands of individuals have gained Thai citizenship directly through the efforts of this dedicated team, and thousands more are in the process, which can take many years to complete. Help provided can be as simple as writing forms for people, to as complicated and expensive as taking DNA samples to provide proof of identity and heridity.

Candidates will ideally be undergraduate or postgraduate students, studying or qualified in Law, Human Rights, Social Justice or similar fields. Opportunities are available for 1-3 positions at any given time.

Skills required

  • currently studying, or qualified with a degree in Law
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Ability to use a computer confidently


The following are some of the jobs that will part of the successful applicant's duties.

  • Article writing
  • Website updates
  • Funding proposal research
  • Data collection and analysis.

Desirable skills

The programme needs assistance in a number of areas, crossing over between the two constituent projects, which will require a candidate with good communication and teamworking skills, and an eye for detail.

  • Fluency in English language, including good spelling and grammar
  • Ability to write, proofread, and edit articles, proposals, and reports
  • Ability to focus and learn quickly
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Committed to, and capable of, working in a team setting

Personal requirements

Candidates are also selected on the ability to interact with others, to be socially aware, respectful of others and other cultures. Basic requirements are set out below.

  • Good health - physical and mental
  • Realistic commitment to volunteering
  • Open mind
  • Positive attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Self assurance
  • Sensitivity and affinity to others
  • Clean and tidy
  • Respectful, polite, and modest
  • Neatly dressed

Orientation period

Volunteers spend the first two weeks at The Mirror Foundation, as a regular volunteer. This gives you a chance to learn about Thai culture,  what it means to be a volunteer at an NGO, pick up some Thai language, integrate, and get over any culture shock and jetlag. It also gives us the time to assess your qualities and strengths.

The second week will include a homestay with the other volunteers starting at the same time. Homestay usually consists of a 4-day visit to a hilltribe village, working on a project to aid the community. An elephant ride and/or trip to a local waterfall are often laid on as a treat on the final day. The rest of your time will be at the foundation itself, although there are opportunities to go on project field trips when they happen.


Thai language skills although an advantage, are not necessary, as we will provide a translator to support interns during their programmes. Candidates need to be flexible and understanding, as our staff are not fluent in English, and for some it is a third or fourth language. Generally, a morning meeting will be held for interns and project staff, with the translator present, to organise the schedule for the day. Any further requirements during the day will be dealt with as necessary.


Volunteers work with children and vulnerable adults, and as such are in a position of responsibility and trust. To help us, we ask you to provide a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check document, which may be called by different names throughout the world, but we may be able to help you get started. Please click here to view details of checks in the countries we receive most volunteers from.


The standard cost of the volunteer programme is based on eight weeks in total - two weeks as a regular volunteer, and six weeks dedicated work with our project.

Deposit payment

7,000 Thai Baht

A deposit is required to secure the placement, subject to prior agreement by our staff via email. Once the deposit has been received, a detailed form will be emailed which must be completed prior to arrival. A lot of work goes into preparing these placements which is reflected by the size of the deposit. This has been set higher than normal to hopefully ensure full consideration before signing up. The deposit is non-refundable. Payment is via PayPal only (5% is automatically added to cover admin fees).

Balance of payment

48,000 Thai Baht (8 weeks)

The balance must be paid in full before arriving at the foundation, via PayPal or bank transfer. The placement will not begin until this has been completed. Payment is non-refundable once the programme has begun. Payment can only be made using the following methods:

  • via PayPal in advance (Add 5% to cover admin fees)
  • via bank transfer (Please pay any transaction fees)

Additional weeks

6,000 Thai Baht per week

If a volunteer or intern wishes to intern for longer than 8 weeks, an extra fee of 6,000 Thai Baht per week will be required. This request should be an emailed or telephoned to The Mirror Foundation by the volunteer, so that our staff can consult prior to making a decision. If the extension is agreed, then payment must be made using PayPal into our account, or cash on arrival. Payment must be made in advance of the additional week(s):

  • via PayPal in advance
  • Bank transfer

The above fees include the following services

  • Pick up from Chiang Rai airport on the programme start date
  • Work-related transportation
  • Food, and accommodation

The fees do not include

  • Flights, insurance, visa
  • Transfer between Chiang Rai and Bangkok
  • Non-work related transportation
  • Snacks, beverages, or other personal purchases

What is required to join the programme

  • Valid medical insurance*
  • Proof of a recent background check
  • Copy of most recent academic transcript
  • Deposit paid at least 8 weeks prior to start date
  • Balance of payment paid in advance or on arrival
  • Visa arranged at a Thai embassy/consulate prior to arrival in Thailand

*Usually medical and travel insurance is combined in a single policy, but for those that are not: We don't insist on travel insurance as well as health insurance, but we strongly recommend it.

How to apply

Important - The initial application form must be received at least 2 months prior to your preferred start date. This gives us enough time to assess the application, and gives yourself enough time to obtain a national Criminal Record check, and other necessary documentation.

  • Fill in the initial enquiry form (See below)
  • Availability will be checked and we will contact you with an answer within 7 days
  • Submit a national Criminal Record check document via email
  • Pay the deposit
  • On receipt of the deposit, login details will be issued for webform
  • Fill in the webform
  • Pay the balance at least 2 weeks prior to start date

If you have any questions about the placement, please email us at 

Please register on this website first, to access the enquiry form and deposit links below

Enquiry form

Deposit payment

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