Picture1The Childcare programme runs activities at childcare centres in local hilltribe villages, giving youngsters to chance to develop their learning skills, without concentrating on language.

Volunteers are instructed on methods of teaching, lesson planning, and how to enter the plans into our Lessonplanning Database. The database carries records of every lesson, and is of vital importance to the continuity of the curriculum and the progress of individual classes.

  • Length of stay: Minimum 2 weeks; Maximum 12 weeks
  • Fee: programme fees start from 11,000B; registration fee 7,000B
  • Requirements: National criminal record check; full health insurance; agreement to Terms & Conditions; registration payment; full payment in advance




Volunteers are needed on this project throughout the year, excluding holidays from March to April and during October. Volunteers can work alongside local teachers, to assist those running teaching activities, maintaining the classroom and helping with the children at mealtimes. Each volunteer is required to assist with resource development each afternoon, prior to assisting with a class the next day. Volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced teachers to participate on this project.

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The deposit should only be paid once an application has been approved and confirmed.

This page is only for volunteers applying independently - not through a volunteer agency, or as part of a group with a specific project. If you are in doubt, please email us at  to confirm.

The payment is a confirmation of your placement on our programme, subject to our prior agreement, and within the caveats set down below. The payment includes advance admin costs, transport, and food costs, with a surcharge to cover the PayPal fee. Balance of payment (total fee minus the deposit must be paid at least two weeks prior to arrival).

Please do not pay this fee if

  • you have not yet applied using our form
  • you have applied but not received a response from our staff
  • you have not been successful with your application
  • you have been asked to wait until further notice

Also, please note that this fee

  • is non-refundable, under any and all circumstances
  • is non-transferable



enquiryformIf you have already registered with an agency, then this is not the form you need to complete. Click the following link to access the correct form: Volunteer Information Form

This form is for applications to join directly via our organisation, not through an agency. Please click 'Read more' to go to the enquiry form.

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