embeddedThe Embedded programme places successful candidates with one of our core projects, once the initial two week settling period is complete. Volunteers work directly with the project team, and have little contact with regular volunteers during the working day. Duties will vary, depending on the project chosen, but all candidates are expected to be reliable, flexible, hardworking, be able to work a computer, and have good English language writing skills. Knowledge of Thai language is an advantage but not a requirement.

  • Length of stay: Minimum 8 weeks; Maximum 12 weeks
  • Fee: from 45,000B
  • Requirements: National Criminal Record check; full health insurance; agreement to Terms & Conditions; deposit payment; balance of payment

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The Embedded programme invites applications to join one of our core projects. Duties will vary, depending on the project chosen, as well project workload at that time. Flexibility, computer and writing skills, and good work ethic are all essential. Read the individual programme options for more details.

  • Minimum stay: 8 weeks
  • Maximum stay: 12 weeks
  • Programme fee: 45,000B for 8 weeks
    Add 6,000B per week for longer programmes

ebannok 8The eBannok project, is The Mirror Foundation's handicrafts project. The main focus is to provide a safe working environment for around ten local hilltribe women, who are employed by the project. A secondary aim is to generate extra income for the foundation, for it to be more self-sustaining. Clay products, clothing, and accessories, are all produced onsite and sold through eBannok's local outlets, online stores, and wholesale to other businesses.

Opportunities are available for 1-3 positions at any given time. Applicants would preferably be experienced in marketing, sales, fashion, design, or related subjects.

Read more: Embedded: eBannok Handicrafts project

ictproject 01Information Computer Technology project, which links in with the Bannok TV project, are open year round for volunteers who wish to join one of our core projects. Project work ranges across a broad spectrum of tasks, including website design, computer networking, IT training, film production, documentary making, graphic design, and much more.

Opportunities are available for 1-3 positions at any given time. Applicants should ideally have experience in a related subject.

The two projects are administered as a single entity, although much of the work is done independent of each other. The ICT project utilises the skills and talents of its staff to build and maintain websites, not just for the foundation but also for other NGOs and businesses. Staff are also skilled in networking, programming, and databasing. This is a project with the potential to generate enough income to be self-sustaining and to have enough surplus to fund some of our other projects. 

The Bannok TV project creates films and documentaries, posters, publications, and other media. Staff are, amongst other things, skilled in film making, production and post-production techniques. This project is potentially able to support others with its earning capabilities as well.

Read more: Embedded: ICT (media) project

thaicitizenship 5The Thai Citizenship Project, works to gain citizenship for stateless people throughout Thailand. It concentrates its efforts in the Mae Yao subdistrict of Chiang Rai province, but also works with the Moken people in southern Thailand. Additionally, the project works on legal issues fighting for justice, equality, and human rights for those who have been ignored or unfairly dealt with by the authorities. Thousands of individuals have gained Thai citizenship directly through the efforts of this dedicated team, and thousands more are in the process, which can take many years to complete. Help provided can be as simple as writing forms for people, to as complicated and expensive as taking DNA samples to provide proof of identity and heridity.

Candidates will ideally be experienced in Law, Human Rights, Social Justice or similar fields. Opportunities are available for 1-3 positions at any given time.

Read more: Embedded: Thai Citizenship Project

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Read more: Embedded: Enquiry Form

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Read more: Embedded: Volunteer Deposit



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