Required Reading

All articles in this section should ideally be read prior to booking a placement, and certainly before the placement begins.

2wk 04Details include information regarding our rules, policies, requirements, and a page concerning the required national criminal record check. It isn't enough to just turn up at the foundation, and think that everything will slot into place. We work in a certain way, we have commitments to villagers, students, government officials and our own staff. There is etiquette, tradition, and culture, all of which make life very different from western lifestyle. Lack of knowledge and understanding will make a volunteer stand out like a sore thumb, and could give great offence to those we are trying to help, those we work with, and ourselves too.

The information in the pages below, and the information elsewhere on the website are all designed to help volunteers understand and slip smoothly into life here. Please use these resources to help us, but more importantly, help yourself.

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Title Created Date Author
Volunteering - the starting point 30 May 2011 Written by Ecotours staff
Terms and Conditions 30 May 2011 Written by Ecotours staff
Code of Conduct 30 May 2011 Written by Ecotours staff
National Criminal Record Check 27 January 2012 Written by Ecotours staff
Basic rules 27 November 2011 Written by Ecotours staff



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